Navigate Through a Universe of AI Possibilities with BOMML AI Services, Tailoring Solutions for Your Apps, Workflows, and Business Tasks.

With BOMML AI services you have endless possibilities to implement AI for your apps, workflows or automation for complex business tasks.

Build faster

Rapid development
with our AI model APIs

Leverage our AI cloud for high demand and high availability AI generations easy to integrate in your application via our API.

Instant access
Select from many models specialized in different tasks and use them via API endpoints.
Dedicated Instances
Instant deploy from our selection of models as your very own instance - only you have access.
Your data is yours. We do not store any of your data. We do not have access to your data.
export default getChatResponse{
model: 'bomml-1',
paramaters: {
max_tokens: 2000,
stop_sequence: 'finish',

Deploy easier

One-Click Model Hosting

Want to simply run a specific AI model? With Bomml it just takes one click to deploy from a wide range of different Open Source Models.

Wide range of Open Source Models
Pick from a wide range of ready to use AI models for many tasks and capabilities.
Pay only what you use
Instantly deploy and delete AI Model Instances and only pay for the minutes the instance was running.
Privacy Protected
Your AI models run on secure Datacenter cloud computing and are encrypted for highest data security. Each instance can only be accessed by you only.
Llama 2 70B
The Llama 2 Model developed by Meta AI with 70 Billion parameters and specialized in conversational style.
Node Size
2x A100 (160GB)
GPT-JT (6B) is a model that integrates several open techniques and datasets.
Node Size
1x A100 (80GB)
Falcon 30B
Falcon is a new family of state-of-the-art language models created by the Technology Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi.
Node Size
2x A100 (160GB)
MPT-7B is a decoder-style transformer pretrained from scratch on 1T tokens of English text and code. This model was trained by MosaicML.
Node Size
1x A100 (80GB)
BigScience Large Open-science Open-access Multilingual Language Model.
Node Size
4x A100 (320GB)
StableLM-Base-7B is a 7 billion parameter decoder-only language model pre-trained on diverse English datasets.
Node Size
1x A100

Solve more

Expert Models

We have a growing list of expert models that you can use to solve your problems. We are constantly adding new models to our list.

Ready for the task
Highly specialized AI models for very complex tasks, trained on always up to date and ready for usage.
Extend with your data
Upload your documents to extend the AI models with your data and expand their knowledge.
On Premise
Deployment for your business on your hardware, total data ownership and governance.
Law Researcher Model
Medical Researcher Model
Education Researcher Model
Coder Model
Write Model
Task Automation
Write Model
Task Automation

Do more

AI Chat Assistant

Our AI models are available as a service and can be used in your applications via a simple API. You can also use our web interface to test our models and see how they perform.

Smart AI Assistant

Your personal assistant to search for information from the web, write articles, answer questions and much more.

Chat with documents

Our AI models can read hundreds of pages in seconds to answer your questions, summarize or generate new content without loosing context.

Endless possibilities

Our chat comes with extensions, integrations, prompts libraries, conversation styles, history, can access websites and many more exciting features.

Smart AI Assistant Examples

Automate easily Coming Soon

AI Workflow Automation

With our AI workflow engine you can create tasks with hundreds of Integrations and automate the processes and let the AI decide, monitor and optimize your tasks.

Task Engine

Our task engine runs in the background and executes specific tasks on your defined triggers, defines or whenever you need them - 24/7.

Workflow Builder

Build without coding or technical knowledge your custom workflows and automate tasks that were not possible before.

Autonomous Execution

Let the AI decide or approve specific actions for full control and autonomous task automation and leave nothing to chance.

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