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With our Bomml Ai chat seamlessly create texts, charts, tables and have full conversations with our AI models and have your very own assistant for your daily work and business needs.
Privacy to Safety
Embark on a seamless interaction with BOMML, where your conversations and creations are cocooned in paramount privacy and pioneering AI technology. Our conversations are entirely yours, untouched, and unexploited. Simultaneously, your data revels in the fort of our progressive security, currently en route to acquiring GDPR, SOC 2, and ISO validations. Leverage the power of our diverse AI models with the assurance that your dialogues and data are shielded by future-proof security. With BOMML, expect nothing less than an elite, secure, and private AI experience.
Unlimited chats and messages
Immerse yourself in infinite dialogues and dive into deep, comprehensive conversations crafted by our AI models, meticulously engineered to smoothly power your aspirations and tasks. Experience the freedom of limitless communication, where every interaction is a step towards impeccable results. Your journey towards unparalleled outcomes begins with BOMML, your companion in boundless, empowering conversations.
Multiple AI models
Venture into a seamless integration where pinpointing and utilizing the right AI model is not just convenient but also remarkably intuitive. Whether crafting code, composing enthralling text, developing insightful charts, or unraveling complex queries, our abundant library, featuring AI models like Stable Diffusion, LLAMA 2, Falcon, Whisper, MPT 7, and more, is at your fingertips.With our API, you’re not merely selecting a tool, you’re embracing a specialized ally, meticulously crafted to elevate every facet of your work with ease.
Conversation Styles to Adaptable AI API
Embark on an educational adventure with an AI API that effortlessly tailors itself to your distinct needs! Whether it's demystifying finance, deciphering legal terms, or conquering new languages, our technology unveils a spectrum of conversational styles and personas, assuring you not only receive accurate answers but also engage in dialogues that genuinely resonate with you. Experience custom-crafted conversations, impeccably aligned with your queries and learning style, all through our intuitive API.
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